IMGP0209On Thursday we went to an event being held at Newstead Abbey.  This one was called Ghost Stories for Christmas.

On arrival you entered via the main entrance which is where the gift shop is.  It was already filling up with people who were looking around the various wonderful array of items.  There was a queue forming for drinks and mince pies.  I had a glass of white wine which I had to down in one as by the time I got my drink it was time to go in. 

We walked upstairs to the Great Hall where seats were set in rows with an aisle down the middle.  We sat at the back in front of a very tall and beautifully lit tree.  The lighting was very atmospheric and with the sound of the rain and the wind outside it added to the already eerie atmosphere.

The doors closed and the lights went down and a figure with a hood walked down the aisle.  As the lights came up slightly so the front of the room was dimly it you saw a man in a Santa’s outfit but a more menacing version.  He introduced himself then started telling the scary ghost stories.  The first one about Uncle Holly set the tone nicely.  I along with others jumped a few times thanks to the nicely done sound effects and lighting.  After the second story we went back downstairs to the gift shop where there was more drinks and mince pies.  This time I had some delicious mulled wine and another mince-pie.  We walked round the shop and bought some Christmas gifts before heading back upstairs for some more scary stories.

The last one of the night had everyone involved.  It was a bit more light-hearted and had us singing along.

Was I chilled to the bone? well I certainly was. 

To find out where else the Victorian Theatre with bite will be


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