Having to make decisions for Dad isn’t easy.  He had a stroke earlier this year and is now in a care home.  He has good and bad days.  Sometimes he seems to be on the ball so to speak.  It feels like you can actually hold a half decent conversation.  Other times its hard to understand his train of thought, he gets easily frustrated and so do we.  Sometimes things get lost in translation.

So now my Brother and I have had multiple meetings about his affairs.  Yesterday we had two such meetings.  As it’s the school holidays I had my eldest with me and she ended up sitting in with us. Thankfully she was good as gold.  She didn’t complain once and happily sat through each one.  She took her phone with her and sat editing photos which is something she loves to do.

Our first stop as we got of the tram was Starbucks.  I had a cup of tea, I would have had coffee but that would have made it my 3rd of the day.  Jon has his usual. I can’t remember the name of it as it is soooo long and M had a smoothie and we shared a blueberry muffin.  We then headed off the first meeting.

After the meeting we grabbed a snack and sat in the garden of one of the churches.  It’s nice to find a quiet place in such a busy city.  We ate some Burtons fish and chips.  I used to love these as a little girl.  M loves them too.  Afterwards we lit a candle for Mum, M’s Grandma.  Its something we do every time we go there.

We took her to Nottingham Beach which is still on.  Thankfully it wasn’t to busy.  We ate pancakes. Jon had ham and cheese and M and I had lemon and sugar.  I decided to try the Rum Punch which the beach bar was selling.  It was delicious but I didn’t manage it all as it was quite strong and I needed my wits about me.  We had a walk around the stalls, bought some postcards, looked around a few shops.  I bought M a top which she loved. 

We hopped back onto the tram and headed up to where the meeting was being held.  We were early so we popped into a wonderful antique shop called Hopkinson. My friend took me there once.  It is filled with wonderful items.  Floors upon floors full.  I bought a poster of Marilyn Monroe. Next time I go there I will certainly try out the café.  

The second meeting made me realise how much work my Brother and I still have to do. We thankfully have been given some good advice.  It’s not going to be easy and I am grateful that there are people pointing us in the right direction. Well life’s a beach right?…



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